• Short-term programs - Erasmus+/Free mover/Summer and Winter Schools/Bosnian and English language programs
  • English Language School 
  • Degree programs - 4-year Bachelors 
  • Master programs - 1-year Masters 
  • PhD programs - 3-year PhD programs  


Our internationally-accredited English Language program is an 8-month, intensive foundation covering A1 to B2 on the Common European Framework for Languages scale. It is open to all candidates, focusing on authentic use of language. 


Diversity: The city has an amazing historical background - a mix of cultures that makes you live through different periods in a matter of minutes.

Nature: If you like nature and mountains, you can find plenty of them around Sarajevo. Skiing, hiking, Nordic skiing are all popular.

Culture: With so much history and culture, Sarajevo is the Jerusalem of Europe. People are welcoming and friendly. The pace of life is slow, savoring life immersed in a fusion of cultures.

Food: Great food and quite affordable. A good meal at a nice restaurant is about 10 Euro. Vegan and vegetarian options as well as fresh produce straight from the farmers in street markets any day of the week.

Cost: Sarajevo is not too expensive, especially for a student. Most students live quite comfortably for around 400-600 Euro depending on where they settle in the city.

Convenience: As a capital, most of the country gravitates towards it so you can find almost anything you can buy in any other major city.

Safety: The city is very safe, with people out and about at all hours with no worry, even in colder times.


  • English as language of education and communication
  • 5 different faculties and 21 departments
  • Students from over 50 countries, faculty from over 25
  • Compliance with Bologna Standards and following European Credit Transfer system
  • 2014 Best University of the Western Balkans Award (BiH European Movement)
  • 2014 Western Balkans Entrepreneur University Award (BiH European Movement)
  • 170 Active International Agreements,
  • Member of European Universities Association
  • Member of International University Association
  • Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina National Accreditation Center,
  • Extensive program of partnerships with prestigious institutions in Europe,
  • Award-winning Academic English Preparatory Program,
  • Flexible curriculum,
  • Green Campus Environment,
  • On-campus accommodations


Each session (8-week period) of the program is 1000 Euro. The full 8-month program is 4000 Euro.  


Step 1. Visit apply.ius.edu.ba to make your application. You will need to submit the scanned copies of the following documents: 

  • Application form
  • Original of the diploma for the previous education and transcript;
  • CV;
  • Motivational letter;
  • Passport copy (with validity period of at least two years);
  • Two photos, size 6x4;
  • Certificate of no criminal record (not older than three months);
  • English language certificate (Not necessary for native speakers/IELTS, TOEFL IBT OR IUS Proficiency Exam for others)

Step 2. After acceptance, make a payment of 1000 Euro to secure your seat. 

Step 3. Contact us at admission@ius.edu.ba so that we may help you with visa/residence permit requirements and with further personalizing your experience. Detailed information regarding the program and levels are on our webpage: els.ius.edu.ba

Step 4. Sign your contract. 

As we finalize your registration, you will need to bring with you the originals of the above-mentioned documents. 


IUS offers on-site accommodation in two dormitories (men's and women's). The fee is 150 Euro per month and includes breakfast. The fee for accommodations including breakfast and dinner is 200 Euro. The accommodation options can be extended into summer. Additionally, there are many hotels and restaurants around campus, as well as other dormitories, apartments and houses available for rent. 

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